Bumper brackets


Back from powder-coating

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  1. Pat says:

    Nice…!!! Does this mean your close to putting the bumpers on ..??? Or is still in the future.


  2. DALE CLARK says:

    Hey Steve, good to hear you have been following. Are your refering to the rubber mounts or the hardware?


    1. Steve Karel says:

      Actually both would be good. I have all of the original mounts. Would like new rubber. I purchased kit for 1964 but not alot of them match the 66.


      1. 66ltd says:

        Unfortunately nobody sells the hardware. And the rubber mounts are only available as a universal kit. With that being said need to get from donor cars


      2. Steve Karel says:

        Thanks, mine are in okay condition. Just wanted everything to be new! I appreciate the info.

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  3. Steve Karel says:

    I have been following your progress, I am also working on a 66. The challenge I am currently having is finding frame to body mounts. Do you have a source?


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