Fuel tank & lines

Fuel tank cleaned, painted outside & relined inside

The inside lining is red – lining prevents any future rust. Most radiator shops offer this service

new sending unit – part # F3C44-03-02 OR AFZ00-59114


sending unit installed

cooper nickel 3/8 fuel line

Fuel tank installed – One end of the straps hook into the body – Other end is secured by 3/8 carriage bolts

Fuel fill neck installed – It was nearly impossible to install it with the new seal they sell (last 2 pics) – So I reused the o-ring (3rd to last pic) – It was still soft and sealed well – I used some grey silicone on the outside just to make sure – For the rubber dust sheilds / gaskets on the fill neck head where it bolts to the body I must cut some out myself from some rubber pieces I bought on amazon