Group 31 truck battery – I get great deals on them, the have big power and the threaded terminals are easy to work with

Battery box is actually for a really big 8D battery – The truck has plenty of room for it – Plus I like the space inside for all the wires and switches

1/0 welding wire – 25′ rolls

1/2″ clear vinyl tube for battery box venting

3/8 hole heavy duty wire terminals – Crimped and heat shrinked

Ground wire to body – Secured with 3/8 bolt

Battery disconnect switch mounted on battery box

250 amp breaker – Installed inside the battery box – Will go after the disconnect switch

Cut out a piece of thick aluminum for battery hold down – Drilled holes through each end of the hold down and through the floor – Drill holes in the hold down first and use for reference to mark hole spots on floor – Used 3/8 threaded rod