Brakes – Front

Front End Before 1

Front End Before 9
Front brakes
Front End Before 11
Front brakes and spindles removed
Front spindle
Front spindle sandblasted
KORE3 Corvette C5 brakes using stock sprindles

Complete Kore3 front brake kit

Stainless steel brake line kit from:

part# GX1022-SS

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  1. Matt says:

    I stumbled across this in a frantic bid to find info for a 66 4-door I’m building here in Perth, Western Australia. Where did you get the front spindle for disc brakes? Galaxies weren’t particularly common here in Aus but can’t wait to get her running!
    Keep it up mate.


    1. 66ltd says:

      Hey Matt,

      Its good to see someone down there with interest in the Galaxie. The front spindle is actually the stock drum brake spindle. I just bought a kit from Kore3. He fabricates custom hubs to fit the corvette brakes. You can use the spindles from on a late 70’s Ranchero, T-bird and a few others that will bolt right up for a cheaper route


      1. Austin Walker says:

        so you did have to get custom hubs from kore3 to fit his breaks set up


      2. 66ltd says:

        Hey Austin,

        Yes, I purchased the custom hubs from kore3 to fit the brake set up. Still waiting on Hotchkis to roll out their tubular front control arms (they said end of November). Then I’ll be able to start assembling the front end


  2. Aaron says:

    The kore kit is not on their website. Do you just have to call?


    1. 66ltd says:

      Yes, you need to call him. Very easy to work with


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