Radiator & Fans & Hoses


IMG_0083.jpgChampion aluminum radiator CC2379 – 3 row – Purchased from Performance Cooling





IMG_0088.jpgKit came with dual electric fan shroud

IMG_0089.jpgelectric fan wire kit – part 3 CCFKRL –  Purchased from Performance Cooling

IMG_0090.jpg1600 cmf fan – 11″ – part # PF11 (2)  –   Purchased from Performance Cooling



IMG_0093.jpgpart # FS2379  –   Purchased from Performance Cooling








radiator, water neck & water pump hose measurements


had to widen the core support opening just a big – cut a little line on top and bend the flaps back

radiator core support mounts



had to modify the lower radiator mounts a bit – (welded a piece of flat steel on the back side to raise  1-1/4″ taller & 3/4″ closer to core support) – had to widen the saddle a bit to since new radiator is a bit thicker




now with the radiator closer to the core support the top radiator bracket needed to be shortened – cut, drill new hole, sandblast, prime & paint



IMG_1852.jpgradiator support pads



Lower mounts installed along with new rubber pads – had to drill new mounting holes to spread them out further to fit radiator


radiator installed



upper mount installed with new rubber pads


used some old bed framing to help support the radiator


upper radiator hose – had to search through all the hoses at Napa – Found this one and cut it to correct length – 1.5″ id on both ends