At the Beginning


Back in high school. Installing 390 I my dad & rebuilt out of a 65 Galaxie 

Dataplate codes 6A67X173990 63F M 96 28A 21 1 7. This is the car’s as-built description

The vehicle model is the LTD 2-door hardtop (31,696). It was Ford number 73990 built at the Atlanta, Georgia assembly plant during the 1966 model year (first VIN was 100001). As built, the engine was a 352-4V Thunderbird V-8 (250 hp@4400 rpm, 352 ft-lbs@2800 rpm, 9.3:1 compression ratio), backed by the FX Cruise-O-Matic 3-speed automatic transmission with column shift, and driving through a 3.00:1 non-locking differential. It was finished with the Wimbledon White exterior color, and the interior trim was bench seat with black “Shadow Stripe” pattern cloth cushions and black “Cologne” pattern vinyl bolsters and back. It had a scheduled build date of January 28, 1966, and the order was processed through the Atlanta, Georgia district sales office, which covered northern Georgia, eastern Tennessee and eastern Alabama.

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  1. Greg says:

    Hello mate love being able to see your progress , process of your rebuild mate l just love it . You’ve given me the ideas , know how to fix up my 67 convertible l really like the Yellow she was painted but l can’t see what the colour was . I was wondering if you might know , be able to tell me . My football team are called the Tigers , they have a tiger as there logo , they won the premiership this year ,l want a that mural on my bonnet , as usual you need the right yellow . If you could help me out was it a standard Ford Galaxy colour ?
    Thanks Greg.

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    1. 66ltd says:

      Hey Greg, I’m glad to hear your comments about my site. The yellow used on my Galaxie at that time was use on a mid 90’s for mustang (not sure exact name). Good luck on your 67 project


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