img_5020door panels before having them restored

img_7840door panels after being restored by Marietta Auto trim – cleaned, conditioned, dyed and new carpet along the bottom – I love the LTD interior patterns

img_47641Restored to un-restored comparison


img_7841new set of sail panels – made by Marietta Auto Trim

img_5026sun visors before restoration

img_7905visors restored – Also done by Marietta Auto Trim

img_7297purchased front & rear seats from a wrecked 2013 mustang (the mustang had the upgraded “comfort package” too – At this point I just set the seats inside to see how they may look

img_7299the rear seats bottoms are one piece and not wide enough – the backs are separate from each other however the shape wont fit with the package tray (revision – I ended up not using the XL package tray)img_7304

img_7315the front seat tracks are close to being able to bolt in

img_7305need to cut off rear brackets from the track

img_7956drilled holes through the track – was able to use the factory hole in floor closest to door  – had to drill a hole in the floor for the track closest to console side – installed bolts

img_7331front seat mount holes are a bit higher than the floor cross brace

img_7950cut the front seat mounts just below the bolt holes to lower them- drilled a horizontal hole through the floor’s cross-brace – installed bolt

img_7369cut the rear seat bottom in half

img_7375now I’m able to spread the seats out towards the sides

img_7965the bottom side of the rear seat bottom has a “bowl” type of form – Does not work well with the galaxie rear seat floor area


decided to use the rear seat pan area from the mustang

img_7795cut the mustang rear seat pan section out – then cut it in half just like the rear seat bottom

on the bottom side there is a section that protrudes down – had to cut it out to be level

img_7806test fit the mustang rear seat pan on top of the rear seat Galaxie pan – had to use 2×4’s to help level out the rear area closest to the trans. tunnel

img_7814use foam board to mock up for metal sheeting to enclose the sides and help with leveling and supporting

Steel plates cut out

Steel plates welded on the mustang seat pans

Console wrapped in black vinyl and the covered the cut areas of the seats – You can see the seats are dark charcoal color – Will need to dye them black to match