Front Supsension & Steering

Front End Before 3
Original Front Drum Brakes 3
Front End Before 4
Original Front Drum Brake 4
Front End Before 10
Front Drums Removed
Front End Before 11
Front Drums Removed 11
All front suspension and brakes removed

Sway Bar Comparison 3Comparing the stock 79 Ranchero front sway bar (top) to the stock 66 Galaxie front sway bar (bottom)


After waiting over 5 years Hotchkis finally started producing tubular front control arms (same they did for Jay Leno’s Galaxie). They released them beginning of Jan. 2017 & I had them in hand by end of that month

Comparing stock lower control arms to Hotchkis arms


Comparing stock lower control arms to Hotchkis arms

Comparing stock upper control arms to Hotchkis arms
Improved geometry and stronger

Powder coated 2″ drop front springs. I had them custom made from Coil Spring Specialties

2.00” trim height & +20% rate increase & +95# for added engine weight – about $200 for the pair

 Powder coated stock spindles

Powder coated stock strut rods with polyurethane bushings

The strut rod polyurethane bushings

Stock 1979 Ranchero front sway bar powder coated & 1979 Ranchero polyurethane bushing kits

The 1979 Rachero front sway is twice as thick as the stock Galaxie bar. Requires using difference frame mounts & relocating them to underside of frame (same way Ranchero mounts it)

Front shocks

Control arms, springs, shocks & spindles installed. Had to use spring compressor to compress springs about 5″ to get them in (a bit challenging)

Front sway bar installed. The Ranchero bar brackets mount to underside of frame instead of outer sides of frame. Had to drill new holes for new location

Inside of the frame were you can see the nut & lock washer for the sway bar mount

getting the steering linkage painted

New Borgeson steer gear box

img_7856part # 800128

GM part number found on input housing of gear box

Billet aluminum tie rod adjusters

Idler arm frame nuts

Frame nuts installed on passenger side

Idler arm installed
Center link installed

Tie rods installed




Steering rag joint – Different style to fit the GM style gear box

22 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim says:

    Did the Borgeson box come with the pitman arm or did you reuse the old one? Is there a part number on the arm?


    1. T says:

      I see you already answered that the stock fit the new gearbox.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. T says:

    It would the part # in your picture is for a 02-06 1500 Avalanche, Escalade, Tahoe, Suburban, Yukon in 2 and 4wd. I’m talking to Turn One to see what options there are for 10:1 ratio with that box. Did the stock pitman arm get reused or was it replaced as part of the Borgeson kit?


    1. 66ltd says:

      I used the stock pitman arm – I think mine is 14:1 ratio


  3. Doug Van Scoy says:

    great pics, Thank you. We have a 66 Galaxy as a daily driver. Thinking/planning stage right now. Only limited by budget…

    Liked by 1 person

  4. David McLain says:

    I’ve just started doing some brake and suspension upgrades to the 1965 Galaxie that I’ve had since high school. Thank you so much for posting all this great information I appreciate it a lot.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 66ltd says:

      Hey David, you are very welcome. Glad you found my page


  5. Resto0331 says:

    I am going to send you pics of the spindles, also I went with air ride once again lol, took the car in a different direction, FYI the Hotchkis control arms with air ride are AMAZING!!


  6. Resto0331 says:

    What are the QA1 Shocks compared to stock? I mean lower/same since you did springs. Also how much lower will this be since only doing the springs and why not drop spindles? Just curious. I am doing the similar set up but custom coils has 2.5” drop and that seems minimal for these boats.


    1. 66ltd says:

      The QA shocks are a bit shorter to compensate for the shorter springs. Car sets about 2 – 2.5” lower compares to stock now. All you do is tell the spring co. how low you want to go and they fabricate the springs accordingly. Unfortunately, nobody makes drop spindles for these vehicles either.


      1. Resto0331 says:

        Well Fatman does make drop spindles. I got a quote directly. $610 shipped but you need to also buy the rotors, brakes and other things. About $1,100 in total for drop spindles for this car. Persaonlly I’m ok without them lol. But if I wanted to go lower than 2-2.5 they will cut the springs accordingly? I’m basically trying to tuck either 20” or 22” rear and 18” or 19” front. Haven’t decided what sizes yet but I don’t want air ride. And coilovers are even more expensive Viking, and Hotchkis. I think maybe QA1 sells a universal set? Not sure


      2. 66ltd says:

        Cool, never knew about the fatman spindles. For lowered springs I don’t think they cut them. I believe they heat & fabricate according to the specs needed. I know rears can’t be cut for sure because each end of the spring is tapered


  7. Morgan says:

    man! Super excited to see this blog!! I am just starting to look for a 65-66 Galaxie


    1. 66ltd says:

      Hey Morgan, glad to hear. Feel free to contact me if you ever have any questions


    2. Anonymous says:

      I’m sorry, I just used the term “cut” I did mean make or fab to spec. LOL Just an old term. And yes Fatman will make them $610 for the spindles, and then whatever else for the GM brakes and all the extra…Not sure how they are, heard good things. Myself I am doing Ridetech Air..but always interested in the other suspensions, for other cars. I just am a huge fan of ridetech. for me. I also do dumb stuff to good cars LOL I have a 67 mustang guage cluster/bezel and split dash pad also from a 67 stang, in one of my galaxies cut it in half and used it. looks pretty good if you don’t mind making the “resto” guys mad Looks good though I was just curious on the suspension specs…so this will basically be almost stock ride height and really agressive suspension i assume for that big 521 it looks’ll need beefy suspension


      1. 66ltd says:

        Do you have a link to the fatman spindles & ridetrch stuff?

        Mine car is currently sitting about 2” lower than stock now. And with the long tube headers, deep engine & trans oil pan I don’t have much clearance left on the underside


  8. Logan says:

    Thanks for sharing. Were the ranchero polyurethane bushings from the same year?
    I’m in the middle of doing the same thing to a 66 galaxie convertible in California.



    1. 66ltd says:

      I used the 79 Ranchero bushings if I remember correctly. They do however need a little modification to work


    2. Resto0331 says:

      I had to call Fatman and they got the info and told me they would have it done withing a couple weeks, I left deposit, they called, and in about a month total turnaround from first call I had spindles and disc conversion, Now I am trying to find someone who makes REAR coilovers


      1. 66ltd says:

        That’s awesome. Email some pics when you get them –


    3. T says:

      Did the Borgeson box bolt right in or did you have to drill the frame? Did you reuse the pitman arm? What about the steering column mount? I was looking at using the same box from Turn One so I could get their 10:1 ratio.


      1. 66ltd says:

        Yes, it bolted right up. One of the holes in the box was oblonged a bit. It is the quick ratio too


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