Other Car Inspirations

1970 Dodge Challenge widened

70 charger

boat 2



blue lowered galaxie

widened charger 2

EFI intake and throttle body assy

efi intake
EFI intake set up with throttle body assy

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  1. Greg Bright says:

    Mate truly insperational l’ve got a 67 Gal conv, l’m hopeing my old girl can look half as good . I intend to copy your susp brakes shaved door handels , your flaired gaurds wow they look hot . I start sand blasting her over the next few weeks working on the inside first. before lifting the body off the chassis. I just gotta say you’ve opened my eyes .Thanks Greg


    1. 66ltd says:

      Hey Greg, I appreciate that. I’m happy that I’ve given you some inspiration. Feel free to contact me anytime if you’ve got any questions during your project


  2. Anonymous says:

    Fellow automotive enthauist, this blog is the most detailed in pictures and descriptive information I have ever seen, not only the build of the car , the time ,preparation , layout of this article.
    Many people talk about there automotive experiences ,however this article in the making excites any Ford Galaxie enthusiast. The old saying ,one picture is worth a thousand words.

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