On the way to the sandblaster


body 2
At the sandblaster shop

body 6
After the sandblaster

body 8
After the sandblaster 2

rear floor board (1)
my rear floor pan patch work from 1996

rear floor board (3)
rear floor pan cut out

rear floor board (6)
new rear floor pan installed

trunk floor (1)
trunk floor

trunk floor (6)
new trunk floor pan installed

front floor pan (1)
front floor pan

front floor pan (3)
front floor pan 2

front floor pan (4)
new front floor pan

front floor pan (6)
new front floor pan installed

trunk weatherstrip rail (3)
trunk weatherstrip rail

trunk weatherstrip rail (4)
trunk weatherstrip repaired

trunk weatherstrip rail (5)
trunk weatherstrip rail

trunk weatherstrip rail (6)
trunk weatherstrip repairing

trunk weatherstrip rail (9)
trunk weatherstrip repaired

roof (2)
Original roof braced and about to come off

roof (4)
Original roof braced and about to come off 2

roof (6)
Old roof is off

roof (7)
rear speaker deck about to come out. I ruined it back in high school when I cut holes for 12″ subs. Very stupid. lol

roof (8)
rear speaker deck removed

roof (11)
Donor roof from my red 66 galaxie donor

roof (12)
donor roof

roof (14)
donor roof installed

roof (15)
donor roof installed

roof (17)
donor roof installed

roof (21)
donor roof tack welded

rear left quarter
you can see the past patch work done here

rear left quarter (14)
outer bad section removed exposing inner bad area. Left rear quarter

rear left quarter (17)
inner skin repaired. Left rear quarter

rear left quarter (24)
new outer area repaired. Left rear quarter

(New panels from Ecklers) Parts #’s 63-15616 & 63-15617

rear left quarter (22)
bad lower left quarter area removed

rear left quarter (27)
lower left quarter area repaird

body 11
all metal work complete and new roof sandblasted. Moved to paint & body shop

body 12

final stages of smoothing out the welded areas

measuring the right rear inside wheel well width


about to get a coat of primer





img_4251underside of the body still looks pretty rough


img_4248all the loose stuff scraped off

img_4252seam sealed & coated now


img_55261body is on the lift

img_5551brought the frame over & rolling it in place

img_5559touch down

img_5568bringing it home to test fit the fenders, doors, trunk & hood


img_5577roller her off the trailer

img_5583finally home (for a short while at least)

img_5693driver front fender installed


Tear drop hood from Crites…took about 6 months to get. Made to order. Good quality

img_5993factory hood weighs over 60lbs

img_6796fiberglass bumpers from crites – need to drill holes for your bolts (they mark the spots for you)


img_6799fiberglass bumper weighs 5 lbs

img_5994steel bumper weighs 34lbs


decided to load the core support & bring to get power coated — Along with hood hinges, hood latch assy, grill brackets, etc

Everything is its final coat of primer and sealed

Finally painted – Body color is Ford’s Red Magma – Roof is matte black (to look like the original vinyl top)

Hood, trunk, door jams and bumpers painted

Got a few friends in the neighborhood to help lift and set the body back on the frame. Welded some metal bars to old door hinges then bolted to the body to serve as lift areas.

Finally got it on the trailer and home – Mattresses are to protect from my kids

I will keep the fenders, doors and truck off until interior, wiring, brake lines, fuel line, etc is complete

11 Comments Add yours

  1. Trevor says:

    Beautiful work – thank you for sharing this! Did you need to go with the teardrop hood because the Crites mounts put the engine too high for the stock hood?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. 66ltd says:

      Thank you! Yes, I am using the teardrop hood


      1. Trevor says:

        Teardrop because of the engine height? Or just for extra airflow/cool factor? Asking because I’m doing the same conversion but am not going to modify hood. Thanks!


      2. 66ltd says:

        Mainly because of the engine height. But airflow and the look of it as well


  2. Nogal says:

    Did you just use your old core support and just blast and powdercoat? I have done the same but I was looking for any companies that sell core supports and of course none for this car.


    1. 66ltd says:

      Nogal, that is correct. I used the factory core support. Had it sandblasted and powder coated. Nobody makes one in after market as of yet


    2. Trevor says:



  3. Steve says:

    Just wondering the length of time it took for each process. Body work how long did this part take?


    1. 66ltd says:

      its hard to figure out the time length on this because of the inconstantly of working on it. They major metal replacement & welding took about 6 months. They body filler & sanding & primer has been going on for over 4 years


  4. Geez – that a LOT of metal replacement. Looks like someone who knows what they’re doing tho!


    1. 66ltd says:

      yea, it was a lot of work….. hopefully it pays off good in the end


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