Plans and Outline

Black Cherry paint

Teardrop hood

460 big block – possibly adding a stroker kit

C6 trans (possibly add the Gear Vendors overdrive)


Polyurethane bushing all the way around

Disc brakes all way around

2″ drop springs

Shaved door handles

22″ torque thrust 2 wheels on rear (wide as I can go)

19″ torque thrust 2 wheels up front

tubular front a-arms

tubular & adjustable rear control arms

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there! Thanks for posting this and leaving it up, are there pictures of the finished product? I’m gonna build something similar next year

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    1. 66ltd says:

      I am behind on updating the website. But I should have finished product pictures posted by end of the summer


  2. Christian says:

    Nice project! Do you have pictures how the car looks like now? I’ve got a ’67 Galaxie, bought some Spohn parts also, but the car has to wait until I have finished the transmission swap on my Mustang. The Galaxie will also get a rebuilt 390 and front disc brakes.


    1. 66ltd says:

      Thanks Christian! What area are you from? The spohn stuff it pretty nice huh

      I haven’t set the body on yet. But the newest chassis pictures are under the “engine” page & newest body pictures are under the “body” page. Once I get my engine completed I’ll test fit the body. After that I’ll pull the body back off to paint it .


  3. Hi.
    Really like your way of putting this togeather, I bought a -66 7l. more or less by misstake.
    Was bidding on a Buick Roadmaster but missed it.
    Scrolled down and looked on a yellow Galaxi -66 and bought it.
    Went by plane to pick it up and from time to time regret it on the way home but now its getting
    better and better to the mind.
    Will do some simular when I got the time and agan your´s look just great.

    (I´m useng a chevy 2.500 Hd 8.2 litr. 4×4 and cut this and putting a -46 chevy pick cabin up that is withned 1 foot over it, lower it with air in the back and 22″ wheels and 35″ tires start to look quite nice).

    have a nice weekend.


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