Crites engine mounts come with these trans. crossmember extend brackets. But I don’t think I need them. I believe I can’t just flip the factory crossmember around

The factory trans. crossmember is arched so flipping it gives you a few more inches which you need (the 460 & c6 trans sets back further)

There’s identical holes on each side to support using the the parking brake cable when flipped either direction

Powder coated now

 Cruise-O-Matic mount on left & C6 on right

C6 holes are closer together

Will use Cruise-O-Matic mount & drill new narrower holes

Underside of the C6 trans where the mount bolts

I was able to oblong the C4 mount holes to fit the C6

C6 trans heavy duty red friction band

Shift kit

Overhaul kit

Seal/gasket kit

high performance friction / steel clutches

inner race low roller clutch

Scat flywheel (the old flywheel had damaged teeth) – part # FP-460A

IMG_0055.jpgARP flywheel bolts – part # 100-2901

Torque converter – 2300-2500 stall – Consolidated Vehicle Converters FM6-25L

Aluminum deep pan – Summit brand p/n SME-1003R – 2qt. fluid capacity increase

IMG_0051.jpgback side of engine

IMG_0050.jpgtrans. bell housing dust shield

IMG_0052.jpgdust shield installed


IMG_0054.jpgflywheel in place

IMG_0055.jpgflywheel ARP 100-2901 bolts

IMG_0056.jpgARP thread lubricant

IMG_0057.jpgflywheel installed


IMG_0178.jpgtorque converter installed & trans. bolted up

IMG_0177.jpgusing the summit racing starter that came on the old 460 – had a local re-builder freshen up the insides

IMG_0180.jpgfor some reason the mount bolt hole didn’t line up with the cross-member hole – After taking some measurement found out the trans. cross-member frame brackets aren’t centered

IMG_0182.jpgpassenger trans. cross-member frame bracket – Distance from inside of frame

IMG_0181.jpgDriver trans. cross-member frame bracket – Distance from inside of frame


Original dipstick & tube installed – Cleaned & pained black