I created this page to document the progress of my 1966 Ford (LTD) Galaxie restoration and to create a place for others to chat and share information. Please share your own pictures, information and stories of your car(s). Below is my story.

My love for the 66 Ford Galaxie started in 1988. I was 6 years old when my dad bought the 66 I currently have. I thought it was the coolest car. Why was it the coolest car? Well, first of all it was my Dad’s. As a little kid anything my dad had was cool. Second, it was the exact same as my dad’s first when he was 16. It made me feel like I was back in time riding with him when we drove it around. Last but not least, it had so much more personality than the cars around in the 80’s. My mom’s Dodge Caravan and my dad’s work truck had nothing on the 66. With one pull of a knob on the front side panels, fresh air blew right in. The back seat had an arm rest that would fold out and magically blend back in with the seat when folded back up. And my favorite thing about the car was the smell. Nothing compared to the smell of an old car. I was in heaven every time we would take it out on weekends, to church or just around the block.

After a few years went by my dad took it to his shop. There it became a work vehicle or just a spare car for someone that needed a ride. Eventually the insurance and registration was removed.  Sun, rain and rats started to make their claim on the car. It came to a point that my dad was going to sell it. By that time I had my eyes set on my driver’s license. And I couldn’t see the LTD go. I mean after all it still was the “coolest car” in my eyes. I asked my dad if I could have the Galaxie for my first car. How perfect, my dad and I would have the same first cars.

So when I was 15 he brought the car back home. However, it wasn’t quite ready to be driven yet. For a year I did a mild cosmetic restoration. I repaired a floor pan, did a lot of sanding, got a cheap Maaco paint job, replaced the carpet, installed wheels, glass packs, window tint, radio, recovered the seats, replaced the vinyl top and installed new carb. She was all set and in time for my 16th B-day. I drove her for a few years in high school. But after I finally purchased my ford explorer, that was modern and had a/c, she once again was put on the back burner. I would remove and reinstate the registration off and on for several years.

Finally it came to a point. Sell her now while she is in semi descent shape or do a full blown frame off restoration. I obviously took the latter option.

My goals for the finished product can be wrapped up in these words. Classic, modern, power, comfort, unique, performance and style. I know I can’t have the best of every world. But I believe I can find a good middle ground to appease to each one.

In 2009 I had originally planned on 3 years to find the time and money to do this project. However, here I am 8 years later editing this last paragraph.  Something called life slowed things up. Since I started this project I got married, sold my landscape business to start running the diesel truck shop my dad started over 30 years ago, my wife started & graduated law school, have moved to a new house 5 times (renovating a few of them) and had our first child w/ a 2nd one on the way. So for many years the project was stagnant. Now here in 2017 I’ve really starting to make a lot of progress. Check out my pages to see my pics and info along this journey. Feel free to post comments, tips, advice and even pictures of your own restoration projects.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thoughtful layout of your plans, progress and details of what you have accomplished. It should be a good reference for those who are planning their own restoration. Tom Yanulaytis Co-Manager 1966 Ford Full-Size Registry.


    1. 66ltd says:

      Thanks Tom! You & I know it’s not easy finding information for the 66 galaxie sometimes. So hopefully my information will also be able to help others.


  2. Tom says:

    Hi Dale,
    Excellent blog. I’m in similar with what you’ve done. Finishing up a 66 7Litre hardtop, with a 65 XL Rcode next in line. After that will be my high school car; 67XL hardtop. Have plenty to keep me busy. The 7Litre was full frame off, took me 12 years with all the “life” segments inbetween. I’m sure youre enjoying your beauty, and the journey.


    1. 66ltd says:

      Hey Tom! Thanks for the comment. Can you share any pictures?


  3. 66ltd says:

    Check out the “engine & trans” page. I’ve added a lot of new updated pictures & info


  4. Carl White says:

    Dale,I always loved that car and the fact that it stood out amongst the other guys (and gals ) cars made it that much better.I made the mistake of selling my fairlane when life happened and am glad you kept yours.nice job on the resto.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DALE CLARK says:

      Thanks Carl! That means a lot coming from you. Maybe one day you’ll get another Fairlane to relive some of those memories


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